Omaha Poker – An Overview

Omaha Poker is a step up front the usual Texas Hold’em format that uses a combination of luck and good judgement to win big-money online at Betfair Poker.

The difference between the two games is that, whereas in Texas you get dealt two hole cards (ones that only you can see), in Omaha you get four, meaning there are six hand combinations instead of just one as you place down initial bets.

This usually means more players stay in the game awaiting further cards, boosting the pot size and increasing your chances of raking in the big money.

Much like Texas, the deal of community cards (ones all players can use) goes as follows: flop (three), turn (one) and lastly river (one) with bets placed in between. The difference between the two games, however, is that in Omaha you must use just three community cards in accordance with you hand.

Two from your hole and three from the community is all you’re allotted and you must make a hand of five on that alone.

It’s a step up from Texas because, quite simply, you have a better chance of earning a good hand with the added two cards in your hole.

Not that you have a better chance of winning, for the others have equally as good a chance as you to be dealt a strong hand. However, with everyone on the assumption a good hand is just round the corner more players stay in the game and the pot grows.

Simply backing down in Omaha is neither profitable nor fun and the best online poker players force others to fold instead. It is a good game to bully your opponents even if you don’t have a strong hand because with five communities coming up there is a real possibility you’ll hit something.

If opponents place small early bets they’re probably fishing for a good community card and the best Omaha players take advantage of this by raising high and staying confident.

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