Is video poker easier than Texas Hold’em?

Video Poker has been a staple of the casino experience since the late eighties and has undergone some major transformations in that time. It is a strange cross between a slot machine and a poker game, and for those of you who have never played it here is a little run down of the game.

Much like Five Card Draw, video poker puts you at the table and gives you a hand of five cards. Your job is to make the best poker hand you can from what you’ve got. After the initial buy in, you get to see the cards you have been given. You can choose to trade in up to five of your cards to hopefully get ones that will benefit you more. When you get your new hand, you can bet again and if you make a winning hand, you win. The amount you win varies depending upon which hand you make, but a prize is a prize.

Texas Hold ‘em is quite different. For a start you’re playing against a table full of opponents, so a winning hand is no guarantee of a win. The rules are also slightly different in that you only receive two cards, and have to make up your hand from five ‘community’ cards that are set in the middle of the table. These are cards that everyone can use, and so if there is a full house on the table, everyone playing has a full house at least.

Video poker is much easier than Texas Hold ‘em and in some cases it can be the game that gets players into the wider world of Poker. It’s a good game for beginners to get used to the rules and might just be the start of a beautiful friendship. It is also the game that made famous. The choice of Video Poker games at Lucky Nugget is almost endless and the quality and explosive poker jackpots are second to none. What are you waiting for, try it out today!

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