Finding the right tips to keep US online poker players safe

Finding the right tips to keep US online poker players safe? With the rising popularity of online poker playing sites, the whole world is right at your fingertips, waiting to play with you. People from different parts of the world are coming together each day, to face off with each other on online casinos.

It is illegal for U.S citizens to gamble on the internet. Many online poker sites do not allow American citizens to join in cash oriented poker games, especially if they are seeking to do so from the U.S. despite this there are sites that allow the participation of poker players from the U.S, but the stakes involved do not require money. If you are a U.S citizen grinding your teeth at this fact, you have the UIGEA of 2006 to blame for this situation. The enforcement of this Act saw the F.B.I run a crackdown in 2011 on online poker sites that allowed American participation, shutting them down permanently.

Laws regarding gambling are complex in the U.S, in Las Vegas and in Atlantic City, gambling is legal, whereas it is illegal in many other cities. It is also legal to play poker at home in most states. This makes it a touchy subject, which requires careful understanding before you embark on it.

This law did little to stop the booming trend of online gaming in the U.S. they provide that gambling is not illegal, so long as there is no money involved. This saw innovative poker sites emerge, that have ‘rewards’ for the winners that cannot be exchanged for money. These sites provide a safe haven for poker addicts in the U.S, and in the same time protect them from extortion. The popularity of poker in the rest of the world wasn’t affected. You should know that it is in fact still growing strong.

These sites are in the thousands and you cannot miss them on any search engine that you use. Most adorn the colors of the U.S national flag, and have huge banners indicating that U.S citizens are welcome. These sites are also great for international players that seek to gamble in a safe environment.

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